Why Voss Farms

farm family

Because really, why not buy from this great looking family?

But seriously, there are 4 really good reasons that we are a good choice to be your meat supplier. 

1. You can know your farmer.

Want to know where your meat comes from?  We would be happy to show you; even go so far as for you to meet the animal that your meat will come from.  Is that too much? No problem. Just come and take a look at the farm, see what the animals eat, see where they live, see how hard we work to grow good meat for you. All the beef we sell is born and raised here on our farm.  We can tell you everything you want to know about the animal from the day it was born.

2. We humanely harvest your meat.

Our animals are harvested on the farm.  They are not forced into a cattle trailer, hauled to a butchering facility or stressed before they are prepared for processing.  Not only is this the nicest way for an animal to go, (happy till the end) it makes for a better product.  When an animal is stressed, hormones go through the body and can alter and affect the final meat product.

3. Custom processing.

Sometimes you get a cut of beef that you have no idea what to do with.  Or, your family has a favorite cut that is difficult to find.  No problem here.  When you order from us, we walk you through a custom ordering plan.  Like T-bones?  Great.  Need your hamburger in 2 pound packages? No problem.  Want a smaller roast since you have a small family? We have that covered.  We have our butcher cut and process your meat to your specifications.

4. All grass fed.

Here at Voss Farms, we do not finish your beef with grain or other filler feeds. They are fed all grass from beginning to end. All their feed is certified organic so you can know that your animals are getting chemical free feed, just the way it should be. Just because meat from the grocery store says “grass fed” doesn’t mean that is all the animal has been fed.  Here, it does!

This is a passion for our family.  This passion turns into awesome meat.  Please let us know if you have any other questions; we are happy to make the experience as transparent as possible.

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